Yeyo Tequila and the Executive Sunrise

13 Jan

Executive Sunrise:

1.5 oz tequila (Yeyo)
4 oz orange juice (blood oranges)
2 tsp creme de cassis (Mathilde)

Almost fill collins glass with ice cubes. Add tequila and orange juice and stir well. Add cassis.

The number of new high quality tequilas currently available is simply amazing. One of the first new entrants to the field that we had the opportunity to experiment with was Yeyo Tequila imported from a 4th generation master distiller in Jalisco, (relatively) locally through Beaverton, OR. The styling and branding reminded us of something a young-executive would enjoy, hence the Executive Sunrise from Gary Regan’s Bartenders Bible. The recipe calls for regular orange juice, but all we had on hand was blood oranges (moros) so a darker sunrise (in true Portland fashion) was in order. The blood oranges have a bit more tartness than traditional oranges that went very well with the slightly sweet and tangy Mathilde Creme de Cassis. The tequila is very mixable, with a very smooth sip and pleasant briny peppery finish. Yeyo tequila is also quite drinkable neat, with little burn (especially for a silver) and full agave flavor.


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