Slabtown Soda- @drinkfentimans @housespirits

20 Nov

2 oz. Whiskey (House Spirits Slabtown Whiskey)
Top with Fentiman’s Curious Cola

Serve in old fashioned glass on ice.

While a whiskey and cola may not initially sound like the most exciting of cocktails, the GIGO (i.e. Jack and Coke) adage applies here, and it’s time the duo was revisited. Fentiman’s botanically brewed Curiosity Cola has a rich herbal complexity, with predominant flavors of kola and ceylon, and lingering notes of ginger, anise, and vanilla. Ceylon and ginger make a great pairing as the the initial hit is a cinnamon note, but when the spiciness that follows is from the ginger and not from the cinnamon, it is pleasantly surprising as our association with cinnamon often coincides with the “red hot” finish. The rye content in the Slab Town is high enough to contribute it’s own spiciness but not overly so. The curious cola helps to pull out the vanilla and caramel notes of the wood in the whiskey and results in a smooth simple sipper.



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