Mezcal Mayhem and the Seis Dedos Del Gato – @giltclub @pdxcocktailweek @dshenaut @jasonlittrell

19 Oct

Seis Dedos Del Gato (Six Toed Cat)

1.5 oz. Hornitos Tequila
.5 oz. Kirschwasser
1 oz. grapefruit
1 oz. lime
3 spritz Chichicapa single village mezcal rinse
House-smoked sea salt.

Our recent venture to Gilt Club yielded one exceptional cocktail highlighting the “mezcal craze” that has surged in popularity among connoisseur bartenders (and customers) seeking something beyond tequila to experiment with. On a side note, there are two excellent opportunities to get your mezcal fix in the upcoming Portland Cocktail Week. The first  event is hosted by Ricky Gomez of Teardrop Lounge, and will feature Ron Cooper of Del Maguey for a tasting and discussion of the history of mezcal at Irving Street Kitchen. This is followed by a March for Mezcal, where Dave Shenaut and Jason Littrell will lead the tour around downtown Portland “where all roads lead to Mezcal”. Tickets for both events can be purchased here.  A good article from the New York Times that focused on the resurgence of mezcal, and the bittersweet phenomena of its limitations can be found here, “Hoping Mezcal Can Turn the Worm”.

The cocktail had a smoky agave nose almost woody and oily. The sip was also smoky, with pronounced citrus though very smooth. The house smoked salt was a nice accompaniment to the cocktail, working to bring out the smokiness of the mezcal without overwhelming the nuances of the flavors.


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