Bird in the Hand- @jeffmorgen 2 oz. white port, 1 oz. Pelinkovac bitter, .5 oz. Calisaya liqueur, soda, orange zest

18 Oct

2 oz. White port
1 oz. Pelinkovac bitters
1/2 oz. Calisaya Liqueur
Orange zest

Stir all ingredients less soda. Pour over ice, top with soda, garnish with orange zest.

After reading the informative post on Calisaya from the Boozeniks , I was anxious to try this relatively new local bitter. Leave it to Jeff Morgenthaler to pull another excellent spirit out of obscurity, the Serbian/Croatian bitter, Pelinkovac to pair with the Calisaya in such a harmonious balance. Pelinkovac is a wormwood based bitter at roughly 28% alcohol and an herbal bitter flavor. The combination of the two beat the sweetness of the port into submission leaving a perfectly balanced, exceptionally complex, though accessible cocktail. The Calisaya is more fruit forward with citrus and warm spice notes and a dry finish on it’s own, though smoothed by the port in this cocktail. The Pelinkovac contributes much more potent herbal characteristics, though not overpowering.

We have never been disappointed by the food or drinks at Clyde Common, and always leave singing it’s praises for weeks. The friendliness, accessibility, and breadth of knowledge from Jeffrey Morgenthaler and his crew is astonishing. Provided it’s not busy, they have been happy to offer tasters and explanations for many of their spirits and liqueurs and also introduced us to the beloved Bonal, which will be showcased in cocktails in future posts.


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