Portland Cocktail Week – Oct. 20-24

17 Oct

This is Portland’s Tour de Force of cocktails, sure to rival Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, in terms of the caliber of talent serving, speaking, and sipping; from master distillers to master mixologists, rum geeks to ice geeks, there will be something for everyone. Our quaint rainy city has established a reputation for some of the finest cocktails and innovative minds, and this week attracts many visitors to appreciate its well deserved recognition, as well as share their own words (and spirits!) of wisdom. It will also provide uninitiated and/or timid locals with more opportunities to discuss and partake in the cocktail movement that the local cocktail cognoscenti currently enjoy. If you have the luxury, purchase day passes and go to all the events. You won’t regret it. For those of you who are only able to attend certain events, a full description of the events can be found here, and tickets purchased here.

The most complete reference for all things cocktail in regards to the event is at www.portlandcocktailweek.com. As most information can be found there, I will provide a quick summary. Essentially, this is a Mash-Up of events including “Drink.Write.“, taking place on the 21st and 22nd, and comprising lectures on topics ranging from blog writing and ethics, to crafting your own cocktail ingredients from scratch, The Cocktail Invitational on the 23rd and 24th, and The Great American Distiller’s Festival. These events provide the foundation for what the creators and sponsors of Portland Cocktail Week have built upon, and chock full of other informative and tasty seminars, dinners, social happenings, and more.

I did want to note a few places of interest for spirits loving out-of-towners, starting with the distilleries. While many of the distillery tours will conflict with some of the events, some locations have store hours where exclusive Portland-only releases can be purchased (The House Spirits Apothecary should not be missed, for reprints of old cocktail classic books, vintage bitters bottles, hard to find bitters and craft cocktail ingredients, as well as their excellent limited release products). A non-exhaustive list of local distillers and their hours and locations can be found at Distillery Row PDX.

While I don’t like to play favorites as there are so many excellent drink establishments in Portland, I will say that if you are so packed with events that you can only make it to a few, I would recommend Beaker and Flask, Teardrop Lounge, and Clyde Common as don’t miss bars. Looking forward to seeing you there! Follow the events on twitter @pdxcocktailweek, and me @craftcocktails.


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