RPM @EaT @HouseSpirits

13 Sep

The weather was perfect and the house was packed inside and out of EaT. We arrived towards the last hour of the event and almost shed a tear as we were walking up one of the waitresses called out “86 kiwi”. I knew this meant I would miss out on the Jaded Kiwi (hand presses skinless kiwi, Aviation Gin, Green Chartreuse, fresh lemon juice, Fee Brothers Peach Bitters, soda), one of the more interesting sounding drinks I was looking forward to trying. However we still sampled some truly excellent cocktails.

Pepper Delicious #2:
Krogstad Aquavit
Handpressed bell pepper
Fresh Oregon Peppermint
Citrus (orange and lemon)

Arielle really enjoyed this drink. As with the cucumber from The Pressgurka Smash of last week’s RPM, the red pepper was a (pleasantly) surprising pairing for the Aquavit. The nose was a peppery mint, followed by a vegetal/citrus sip. The swallow was mostly caraway spice, and the tartness of the citrus helped to accentuate the flavors of the red pepper and made great use of local, seasonal produce.

1 oz. Krogstad Aquavit
1 oz. Dry Sherry
1 oz. Cynar
1 Dash Fee Brothers Peach Bitters
Lemon twist

Stir with ice. Strain into chilled cocktail glass(es)*

This drink is the brainchild of Robert Hess, who considered it one of his “most successful cocktails“. I loved it, and as Mr. Hess considered it, “a negroni with more obscure ingredients”, it was right up my alley. Nutty amontillado, star anise forward. Cynar on the swallow. Simply delicious.

*The bartender ran out of large cocktail glasses and had stirred up what looked to be enough to fill two large cocktail glasses. However, there were no cocktail glasses to be found, he improvised, and we were the lucky benefactors of this happy accident.


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