Kiku and yuzu_75 – created by Tom Lindstedt of biwa

1 Aug

The cool nights in Portland as of late have made for perfect evening strolls, with our latest leading us to biwa, close in SE, to share the flavor filled small plate portions and a couple new drinks. Their cocktails include (or/and highlight) the top quality ingredients from the kitchen paired with the intimate below ground setting making a recipe for a great evening outing. I ordered the Kiku, “tom’s [Lindstedt] biwa take on the “chrysanthemum”: sake, benedictine, pernod, up. Awesome!”, and awesome it was. The benedictine added rich complex notes to the sake. The pernod was most present on the swallow and lent a pleasant anise nose making for an excellent remix of an old classic, simply by swapping the dry vermouth for the sake. My girlfriend and partner in crime Arielle, had the yuzu_75 (not pictured), biwa’s “french 75” comprised of “yuzu sake, sparkly wine”. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that lends a delicious tart flavor to contrast the mild sweetness of the sake, blending well and leaving us both extremely satisfied and eager to return to try their extensive list of shochu, a distilled Japanese spirit made from a variety of ingredients but primarily rice, barley, sweet potato, or sugar cane “enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed with hot water.”


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